Cadano Fur & Fashion Co Ltd is recognized as one of the most experienced and trusted furriers. Since the 1990s, Cadano Fur has been serving customers worldwide, including those from the North American, Western European, Eastern European, Japanese and South Korean markets. While maintaining its head office and trade-related services in Hong Kong, Cadano set up its offshore production facilities in China in the late 1990s to maintain its competitiveness and at the same time take advantage of the increasing opportunities in Mainland China.

Over the years, Cadano has been well developed into an integrated fur manufactory embracing the whole spectrum of fur production from the selection of raw furs, sourcing of accessories, design, processing, production to the sales and marketing of fur garments.

(Con't) At Cadano, quality and style are destined for extremely high standards.  Cadano delivers fashionable, stylish and sophisticated designs in exquisite craftsmanship that are almost unparallel in today's world of furs. With the aim of achieving customers' full satisfaction, quality and excellence form the fundamentals of Cadano's culture. Our passion and dedication to fur-making are manifested in every masterpiece made by the professional tailors.

We earn customer loyalty not only by designing trendy fur coats that make them dressed in style, but also by a dead serious attitude toward eminence and workmanship.  Today, Cadano is a well-known fur garment brand with products featuring exceptional quality, innovative style and impeccable service.


Cadano aspires to bring its high quality and stylish fur garments to every place in the world that has a demand for premium high-end fur garments. Every woman a desire to possess a piece of Cadano fur is our objective to pursue.


In addition to developing and marketing fur garments under its own brand Cadano, we produce high-quality apparel for internationally renowned brand names through its OEM
and ODM services.

To meet the needs of our distinguished customers
looking for premium fur garments, professional
tailors are available in showrooms to
provide make-to-order services. 

Best Selection

Cadano is a frequent visitor to prestigious international fur auctions for the finest furskins from Scandinavia, North America and Russia and has been recognized as such. Farmed furs are Cadano's prime source of materials today. The same level of attention is dedicated to the acquisition of a great variety of top-quality fabric lining and trendy accessories and ornaments.


Cadano takes note of the changes in trend and stays tuned for the fur industry. In partnership with several top-notch European designers and supported by a strong local team of designers trained overseas, fur garments of contemporary design are produced to suit every customer's taste and style for all occasions.

Professional Production

To meet the demand for modern fashion and lifestyles, new and advanced processing is deployed in Cadano's China establishment.  Professional tailors are the soul of making every single piece of fur garment in its unique way. Experienced and well-trained staffs are engaged in every step of the production process to achieve supreme quality. 

Quality Control

Never settle for less, Cadano is trademark for the finest fur coats and jackets.  A stringent quality assurance program is in place at the production facility in China where every professional member of the team spares no efforts to deliver the best of the best.